Benches for car repairs

The Krakow-based metalworking and locksmith workshop TAPKA & TAPKA has been successfully operating on the market since 1968. We provide services in the field of machining and locksmith works. We produce light steel structures and spare parts for railway and agricultural machinery. Our flagship products are benches for the repair of passenger cars, vans and trucks as well as other devices necessary to equip an car-body repair workshop. TAPKA & TAPKA - the manufacturer of car repair benches operates in the capital of Lesser Poland and cooperates with car-body repair workshops from all over the country and abroad.

CNC machining technology

Nowadays machining procedures require exceptional accuracy and incredible precision. Not so long ago, machining relied on conventional machining, and the quality of the process depended on the manual skills of a metalworker, grinder or miller. Today, such standards are not sufficient and had to give way to modern methods.Computer science and special computer programs controlling the machining process turned out to be helpful. Almost all elements are currently processed using numerically controlled machines, CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control), which are equipped with microcomputers managing the machining process.

Car straightening bench

In road collisions, car bodies or frames are deformed due to the forces acting on them. Hopefully, not all accidents end with a scrapping of the car. Many vehicles can be repaired through the use of specialist metal-working treatments. Deformed car bodies and chassis- frames for passenger cars and trucks can be repaired using repair benches.
Car repair benches are the equipment of the car-body repair workshop, effective in carrying out repairs of the vehicle after an accident, dents and damage to the vehicle body. Accessories in the form of car straightening benches and all kinds of measuring systems allow to restore the original shape of the body with the precise maintenance of the correct position of all critical points of the vehicle.
A thorough repair of the body and frame of damaged vehicles carried out on a high-class bench for metalworking repairs allows for the reconstruction of the vehicle and further operation with a full guarantee of safety.

Production of specialized equipment of car-body repair workshop

The TAPKA company produces high-quality repair benches for cars of various sizes, as well as special benches  for truck repairs. We are also a manufacturer of other devices that allow for quick and fully professional repair of car bodies after an accident. They include two-clutch benches and stationary floor benches for installation in floors. We also supply lower and upper measuring systems for car repair benches.
We also realize individual orders of our clients for devices for car services of other reputable companies at competitively low prices. All devices offered by our company have a technical and operational documentation, a production approval certificate and operations manuals required by the National Labor Inspectorate.

History of our activity

Our company was founded in 1968 as a mechanical plant. Initially, the activities were aimed at providing services in the field of locksmith works and machining. We made fences, fencing nets, gates, etc. on behalf of our clients. At the same time, we started cooperation with many companies in the metal industry. One of our major partners was the former Huta Sendzimira in Kraków, the present Huta ArcelorMittal, Mostostal Kraków, Budostal and many others.
From 1985, our main client was the Polish State Railways. In addition to the ongoing metal-working, milling and grinding services carried out on the parts of railway machines, we also produced steel structures, fuel tanks with a leakage test and cabins of technical carriages. After transforming into a company, we started the production of repair benches for car-body repair workshops. We made the first construction of the car repair bench in 1993.


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