The TAPKA company is a producer of universal benches for the repair of passenger cars and delivery vans, highly valued on the market and used in many car-body repair workshops. We produce reliable and easy-to-use devices that allow you to carry out even the most complex and advanced metal-working procedures. The repair bench with the logo of our company is reliable equipment that guarantees invaluable services in the reconstruction of bodies of damaged vehicles.

Application of plates for straightening cars

Car-repair plates or repair benches are the basic equipment in professional car services specializing in repairing cars after accidents. In a collision, most of the energy is lost through deformation of the vehicle body. It is a method planned by car designers to protect drivers and passengers against injuries. In many cases, the body deformed after the accident does not disqualify the vehicle from being reconstructed. By using specialized benches for metal-working repairs, it is possible to restore the body to its original geometry and thus restore its functional values.

Various sizes of repair benches

We produce repair benches of various sizes, for both small and very serious metal-working repairs in passenger cars, vans and trucks. The most common and, at the same time, the most efficient ones are repair benches that allow for quick and fully professional repair of bodies of cars after an accident. The structure of the repair pole - so called ”docer” is made of thick-walled closed profiles imported from Austria and Germany. This guarantees the rigidity and strength of the structure during complex car repairs. The top plane of the bench and the edges of the bench form the measurement base. The appropriate clearance between the car body and the repair bench plane allows us to use measurement systems.

Simple design and universal operation

The structure of the UR bench is designed in such a way that using the “docer”, we can attach it to the bench at any place around the circumference of the bench, obtaining pulling in any chosen direction in each of these places. Using the UR bench as standard equipment, we can also pull damaged elements down, restoring their original shapes and dimensions. It is also possible to connect several “docer”-poles pulling the damaged body parts of an accident car in different directions, at the same time, thus shortening the repair time.

The repair benches we produce are made in the following dimensions:

  • length from 2000mm to 5000mm
  • width - 940mm
  • thickness from 140mm to 160mm

* Other dimensions of the benches are made accoring to individual customer orders.

Standard bench equipment:

  • bench skeleton made of profile
  • side sliding arms for mounting clutches 4 pieces,
  • “docer”-pole with hydraulic system:
  • “docer”-pole has two points enabling the material to be pulled in different positions,
  • 2-stage pump, actuator, pressure hose, pumping force 12 - 15 tons
  • 2 m chain with a hook (certified) with a handle for shortening the chain on the tower,
  • hardened clamping clutches, for fixing the car body to the sills with 8.8 bolts, a set of 4,
  • a movable roll enabling the material to be pulled downwards,
  • 160 mm diameter wheels slid into rotary guides (with bearings), a set of 4,
  • a set of tucked footers with adjustable height
  • tucked footer for lifting the bench

Price list

Bench prices:

2000mm bench with standard equipment  
3000mm bench with standard equipment  
3000mm bench with standard equipment
+milled guides around the perimeter
4000mm bench with standard equipment  
4000mm bench with standard equipment + milled guides around the perimeter  
5000mm bench with standard equipment  
Repair bench for truck cab repair  
4000x2000 repair bench with ramps  
prices of bench made of imported profiles (Austria, Germany)  

*the above prices are net prices

Additional equipment:

extension tube for lifting tower PLN 295
crane with lock for upper pulls PLN 390
Turnbuckle 4 tons PLN 290
ramps for placing the vehicle on the bench PLN 1350
ramps made of galvanized profiled sheet PLN 1980
specialized handles (BMW, Mercedes) PLN 1200
specialized handles ( Renault, Nissan) PLN 1250
a beam that allows the material to be pulled downwards in any section of the bench PLN 390
auxiliary repair- pole (docer) for turnbuckle (small) PLN 750
auxiliary repair-pole (docer) for the turnbuckle (on wheels) PLN 1350
auxiliary repair-pole (docer) on wheels with 16 t hydraulics PLN 2200
the second main bench (horse) with a hydraulic system    
PLN 3300
hydraulic cylinder Ø 55/270 PLN 350
hydraulic foot pump PLN 750 
pneumatic pump BVA PA1500 PLN 1490
Enerpac pneumatic pump / price according to the current exchange rate/ EUR ~PLN 4000
Hydraulic cylinder fi 55x270 PLN 390

*the above prices are net prices


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