Benches for truck repairs

Our Krakow-based company specializes in the production of benches used by car-body repair workshops in trucks repairs. Our benches are solid devices, without which it would not be possible to repair the frame of a truck after a collision and repair the vehicle's cabin after an accident.
In a road accident involving a truck, the car cabin and the frame of the vehicle are most frequently damaged. The frame on which the truck is built can become deformed due to intense and improper use. Also, the frame of a car subjected to high overload will sooner or later become distorted. This has a large impact on driving comfort and road safety.

Repair of frames and truck cabins

Professional car-body repair workshops offer reparation and straightening of both vehicle frames and restoration the original geometry of truck cabins. Our company provides workshops with benches for truck repairs. TAPKA & TAPKA car-repair benches are perfect for repairing deformed car frames. They are made of thick-walled closed profiles imported from Austria and Germany, which ensure rigidity and strength of the structure during complex truck repairs.

The benches designed for the repair of truck cabins are complex structures that allow you to monitor all strategic points while pulling and straightening the deformed elements of the truck cabin. Thanks to the efficiently working docer -poles and precise measuring systems, the restoration of the original shape and dimensions of the truck cabin does not pose any major problems for car-body repair workshops. The benches designed for vehicle's cabins repairs can be supplemented with additional docer- poles, which will certainly facilitate and speed up the work.


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