'DOCER'-repair poles

Docer is a repair pole made of rigid and durable profile metalworking shapers, equipped with a sheet metal chain and a hydraulic cylinder. It can work independently and be used in the car-body repair workshop for minor vehicle's body repairs. Tinsmiths are also used during major repairs of passenger car bodies, vans as well as l vehicle's frames and cabins of trucks, fixing them on car-body repair benches.

Repair poles – must have equipment of every car-body repair workshop

The equipment of the car-body repair workshop will not be complete without specialized repair poles, used to pull and straighten deformed elements of car bodies. The stretched car- body element is connected to the docer- pole by a chain and repaired through it using a hydraulic pump and actuator. Our offer includes independently functioning two-clutcher 'docer' repair poles. Thanks to their small dimensions, easy installation and simple operation, they allow for basic repairs even in a small workshop space.
Our pulling systems are solid devices that allow you to make simple repairs of the body of damaged cars. Docer-poles are perfect for repairing minor car-body damages. The car is inserted and assembled into the device in just a few minutes. In addition, a mechanical or electronic measurement system can be used, which is irreplaceable when assessing the progress of work and the correct location of the most important geometric points of the vehicle.



Docer-repair poles:

two-clutch, broken (pump, 12 ton actuator), chain with a hook PLN 3200

*the above prices are net prices


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