From the very beginning, our company has specialized in machining services and performing locksmith works. Some time ago, we saw an opportunity for the dynamic development of our company, through the use of modern numerically controlled machines for metal processing. This allowed us to take a big step towards modernizing our production. Currently, in addition to conventional techniques, we use CNC machining. Our technical equipment includes CNC lathes and CNC milling machines, hole and shaft grinders, band saws, cutters, press brakes, mechanical and hydraulic presses, rolling mills and welding carmats.

Repeatability and extraordinary precision of CNC machining

There is no need to convince anyone about the advantages of CNC machining. It is only worth recalling that machines digitally controlled by computer programs perform their work with incredible accuracy in a repeatable manner. This allows for the quick and accurate implementation of large orders. CNC machining eliminates human errors and contributes to raw material savings. All elements made with numerically controlled machine tools are characterized by high precision of dimensions, repeatability and excellent quality of edges.

A wide range of production

Thanks to an extensive machine base and competent and professional employees, we manufacture lightweight steel structures, as well as parts for railway and agricultural machinery that meet all the standards and expectations of our contractors. We employ our own designers, and the manufacturing process is based on our own or entrusted drawings. We are a reliable company that approaches all work related to metalworking professionally.

The scope of performed machining procedures includes:

• turning: objects with a diameter of up to Ø800 mm and a length of max. 3300 mm,
• milling: maximum passage length of the milling table in the x axis = 1500 mm, in the y axis = 700 mm, in the z axis = 750 mm,
• grinding of rollers with a diameter of up to Ø 250 mm and a length of max. 1000 mm,
• grinding holes with a diameter of up to Ø 550 mm,
• planing: maximum passage length of the planer table 500 mm, maximum workpiece height 450 mm, width up to 500 mm,
• electric welding of steel elements, Tig / Mig / Mag,
• welding of stainless steel elements.


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