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How are cars repaired with the use of benches?

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Car body repair bench as an excellent tool for car repairs


Benches should be provided by every professional car repair shop. Their use is invaluable, especially in the case of complex mechanical repairs or flashing service - because they enable work with hard-to-reach parts of the car.


The whole process begins with putting the car that has been repaired on the bench. With the use of the so-called  car repair benches car mechanic can then stretch the damaged parts of the vehicle in the directions he chooses - this will make it easier for him to work on them.


In order for the car to be repaired correctly, it is sometimes necessary to make strict measurements, the purpose of which is to obtain information that allows for the removal of the defect while maintaining the vehicle parameters specified by the manufacturer. If the car body repair bench is accompanied by mechanical measuring systems, this operation can be performed directly during the repair.


Due to their application, devices for mechanical measuring systems are divided into:


  • lower - used on the basis of a measuring frame,
  • upper - cooperating with the lower system through the use of sliders. They are used to carry out measurements in the engine compartment, upper body and trunk.


Such measurements can be performed regardless of the current stage of the repair - so we can carry them out both before and during the repair or after its completion. Thanks to the specific structure of mechanical measuring systems - including aluminum profiles - the whole structure is light, and at the same time strong and stiff, which additionally facilitates the use of the equipment.



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